Articat is a cooperative of artists. A company that offers a service of management "low-cost" to different workers of the artistic market. We work by artists, technicians and carriers of the artistic sector. We have many years of experience, a team of professionals so prepared and numerous clients that endorse us.


Our line of work is the transparency and the degree of confidence that we seek to convey to our customers. Articat gives you the security and stability that every artist needs to be able to focus better on his real work.


We work hard so that you only enjoy
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*Timetable: from Monday to Friday, from 8:00h to 16:00h


Andy Warhol’s exhibition

We like to give life to the culture and artists, from the most unknown to the most mythical. We leave you a collection of images from Andy Warhol’s exhibition in Barcelona.

New options for the year 2018

Year after year Articat tries to improve; and now more than ever. Find out about the new options we offer you this year 2018.

Articat’s advice

To facilitate your procedure and avoid duplication, send your emails to a single email address. In this way, we will be able to be much more efficient and streamline the procedures.